Corrugated Life Series
“Corrugated Life” is a series that draws
inspiration from worn cardboard, and the
metal working techniques are translated
from the process used in creating
corrugated cardboard. Philosophically, the
series deals with trash, decomposition,
transformation, and found beauty within
the urban landscape, while corrugation
allows even large pieces to be lightweight
and comfortable to wear.

Plants, fungi, and tiny diamonds emerge
from fissures or growths on the pieces,
evoking the possibility for post-industrial

I corrugate brass by hand, and then fuse
silver sheets to it, building up layers in the
process. Many times, I stamp words into
the silver before fusing; these melt away in
part or remain legible. Exploring the line
between destruction and construction of
these corrugated pieces is my goal in their
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Corrugated Life Brooch Number 9.
Sterling silver, brass, 5 one point diamonds
corrugated life small earrings
corrugated life ring 9
corrugated life brooch 9
corrugated life cuff links
corrugated life round ring
corrugated life bracelet
corrugated life discs