My work is inspired by the juxtaposition of nature with the manmade world. From seedpods, leaves,
flowers and microorganisms to my “corrugated life” pieces based on ideas of post-industrial rebirth and
inspired by patterns found in old cardboard, I design and handcraft jewelry in an intuitive process that
begins by meditating upon the materials I have at hand. I enjoy creating distinct pieces in different
mediums or metals, all based upon the same original design or idea. Through trial and error I decide
how best to connect disparate shapes into unified, wearable, and often interactive pieces by weaving,
hand sewing, setting, soldering, fusing and riveting. The materials I primarily use are brass, copper,
precious metals, wood, hides, found steel, stones, “urbanite” or worn concrete and glass that I form
into “urban coral” with a torch.

From the woods of eastern Kansas to the middle of Dallas, I’ve had several different jewelry studios.  
For the last several years I’ve lived in the mountains of western Argentina with my husband, Juan, and
our little girl.  My studio resides in what used to be the chicken coop.  On our way to work, Malena and I
feed the pig, mules, dogs, goats, chickens, and rabbits, as well as water the gardens and orchard.  We
eat lunch on the living roof where we have a good view of the mountains and plan our next mule trip.  
This studio is smaller than my previous ones, but also much more intimate.  Before moving here, I felt
pressure to produce as much jewelry as possible and used various electric tools.  However, I have
come to appreciate the calm that comes from working and finishing each piece primarily by hand.  
When the rooster isn’t crowing, I enjoy listening to the chatter of the parrots and other wild birds and
the swish of the wind through the mesquite trees outside.  I like to imagine that my creations are
imbued with the peace in which they are made and hope that this feeling of serenity is tangible to those
that experience my work.

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